About Us

Stepping Stones is a small, family run company founded in 1996, based on the outskirts of the beautiful City of York in the heart of Yorkshire. We are licensed by The National Archives in London (TNA, formerly the Public Record Office or PRO) to produce the 1841 and later census returns for viewing on your computer. We take films of the original census images (photographs of the actual handwritten books filled in by the enumerators and returning officers) and scan them in house onto our computer, then after various quality checking procedures and conversion to suitable formats for storing on CDs, DVDs and online, compile them into sets by year and county.

Our Census Sets cover the whole of England and Wales, with county boundaries defined as they were at the time the censuses were taken. We currently have all counties for 1841-1901 available on CD, plus some of these are available on DVDs as well, all of these can also be found online at TheGenealogist.co.uk including the 1911 census (See our census pages to check which ones are available now.)

We have a huge range of Trade Directories on CD, which are scanned images of various Post Office directories, Kelly’s, Pigot’s, Trade directories, commercial directories, street directories, etc. from various years. We also have a variety of maps, showing street layouts from about 1890 - these are available on CD, see the Maps page for more information and a list of available products.

As of 8th June 2007, Stepping Stones has become a trading name of S&N, who have bought the stock and copyrights. S&N will be adding many new titles whilst continuing to produce the current titles.

We also attend various Family History Fairs and shows throughout the year , where you can come along for a chat and pick up a bargain!

Ordering Information

As a result of Stepping Stones becoming a trading name of S&N all orders shall be made and processed through S&N Genealogy Supplies.

More information on how to order on the How to Order page.